Monday, 12 January 2015

#2 Journal Entry

Reflect and respond to the following:
1. What is a plan?
2. Why plan?
3. What makes an effective essay outline?


  1. 1. A plan is an outline/draft of how you would like to achieve something that you would like to accomplish.

    2. Planning generally varies from person to person. For some people, planning does work. However for some, it fails. Therefore, it is important to know if planning works for you. Generally, planning may help you better achieve a goal in a more organised and systematic manner.

    3. An effective essay outline would be one that shows detailed and precise development of the plot, character and story.

  2. 1. A plan for us students is a clear and detailed outline of the topic that we are going to write about. And this plan can be done using the various methods that we have learnt such as 5W1H, spectrum, different perspective and etc.

    2.We plan so that as we write our essay, we know what we would like to write, our ideas are already clearly penned down for us to refer to later, and we can even spot various points by just planning out.

    3. An effective essay line out would be one that can guide the writer in his/her stand without any hinders, and one that can establish the writers idea.
    When others read his/her plan, they know what are his/her points, examples and links.

  3. 1) It is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. It is the process of thinking through the different steps needed to reach a desired end state or goal.
    2) We plan for 4 main reasons. To set direction and priorities, to get everyone on the same page, to simplify decision-making and to communicate the message.
    3)An effective essay outline helps us write a detailed and highly specific outline to guide us on our essay. When other's read it, they should be able to easily identify the main components of the outline.

  4. To me, a plan is something you put thought into. It is like a preparation for the future so as to get the desired outcome. With plan, things run smoother and more controlled. Without one, things might go out of hand and we might not be prepared to handle and solve the problems that come with ill or no planning. In the sense of English essay planning, it helps us to draft our ideas and form links between points that we already know. It also helps us to see if a certain idea would or would not work in the question's context so that we can either change it to fit or not use it at all. An effective essay outline follows the essay from introduction to conclusion and has appropriate and clear examples so that the writing of the essay would go smoothly and not much changes should be made to the end product.

  5. 1)A plan is a layout of what you are going to do in the future, stating steps and ways needed to reach the imagined outcome
    2)Planning is needed so that we do not deviate from our purpose and gives us a guideline to do our essay
    3)An effective essay outline should contain the author's main discussion points, evidences and writing style/conclusion. The plan when viewed by the audience should be able to summarise the points and stand of the author

  6. 1) A plan is normally any kind of diagrams or list of steps guiding us to achieve our desired objectives or goals that we want.

    2) Planning gives you a guide to your objectives, and it helps you realize the flaws in your steps and approach. With a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your project goal and how far you are from your destination.

    3) An effective essay outline would briefly summarize the intended content of the essay and organize the content in a sensible, coherent manner.

  7. 1) A plan is a list of steps that state what is to be done to achieve a certain goal of objective.

    2) Planning allows oneself to open up to certain options and decide if there are any flaws or improvement that one can apply onto the plan before executing any action.

    3) An effective essay outline summarises what is to be said in every paragraph, with any points listed under the topic sentence.

  8. 1) A plan is a detailed draft, and the steps which helps to guide our essays, to achieve the outcome that we want.

    2) We plan so that it can be a guide for our essay, so that when we write our essay we would be able to just elaborate on the points we noted in our plan instead of having to think on the spot and waste time.

    3) An effective essay outline would have the neccessary points and intended content of the essay, and also the planned layout of how each paragraph would link to another

  9. 1. A detailed and step by step but concise summary about what is going to be written about.

    2. So that we have a better idea about what is going to be written. Also not to be thinking of ideas whilst writing because the writing will kill the flow of thought and it will make the essay sound fragmented.

    3. It would have all the key points for the essay, the thesis statement, the topic sentence, and examples to be used for the explanation.

  10. 1. A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something
    2. It allows us to have an overview to keep us on track later on when we are doing the task. This prevents us from making unclear stand as we get confused by random ideas that pop up in our minds.
    3. An effective essay outline would be one that clearly states the main points or ideas of the essay.

  11. 1. By dictionary definition, a plan is a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance.

    2. It allows you to organize your thoughts, and have a flow to your essay, ensuring that it is straightforward and to the point.

    3. An effective essay outline would have the basic points, evidences and links to the essay, as well as a rough draft to the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

  12. 1. A plan is something in which you put your mind in organising your points in a specific time slot.
    2. Planing allows us to see the points that we will be writing and by using a plan, we will not be 'stuck' writing the essay halfway as we would already know what we are supposed to write.
    3. An effective essay outline would need to have the PEEL format (for each para) - Main points and elaboration followed by sub points (if any) and elaboration plus examples before linking it back to the main point. There will be a need for a conclusion at the end to sum up the whole essay.

  13. A plan is the organisation of ideas of what you are going to do or is doing.
    We plan because it allows us to have a clearer course of action in the future.
    An effective essay outline would be one with clear planning of points, examples and elaboration. It should also have the stand [thesis statement] and a rough outline of the intro paragraph.

  14. 1) To me, a plan is a detailed execution idea were one sees possible issues and think of ways to save them before it actually happens. A plan could also be the structure of something, so you can se what you need to do clearly and reduce the amount of mistakes incurred.

    2) One plans so that lesser mistakes would be made. Planning also makes the structure of whatever you are doing e.g. cooking, writing an essay etc more neat, organised and coherent.

    3) An effective essay outline is one that is neat, organised, have a thesis statement that is relevant to the topic and have adequate examples to support. It should consist of the brain storming methods e.g. SCAMPER or 5W1H. It must also have/flow in a chronological order to allow the points to be more coherent.

  15. 1) A plan is an organisation of ideas or what you are going to write, with methods to achieve the desired outcome.

    2) We plan as we will have a clear idea of what to write and as such, we will be able to write the composition as a whole in a continuous and clear manner. Also, if we don't plan, a lot of time will be wasted thinking about what to write.

    3) An effective essay outline would be an essay with a clear thesis statement, a clear stands with points supported by examples and explanation and a good conclusion stat would summarise the whole essay and restate the stand of the author.